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Bastiaan van der Baan and Miro Venturi join Tethis as Independent Members of the Board of Directors

Tethis S.p.A, a developer of a novel platform for liquid biopsy testing, announced the appointment of Mr. Bastiaan van der Baan and Mr. Miro Venturi as Independent Members of the Board of Directors.

Bastiaan van der Baan, MSc, is currently Chief Clinical and Business Officer at oncology diagnostics test provider Agendia, where he has helped building up the company’s global clinical and commercial infrastructure. Mr van der Baan holds a degree in molecular sciences and brings over 15 years of healthcare experience in different roles.

Miro Venturi, Ph.D, MSc, is currently Chief Executive Officer at Sintetica, a Swiss pharmaceutical company, and previously he served as Chief Business Officer at Foundation Medicine, a leader in oncology molecular diagnostics part of Roche Group. He held several positions in Roche both in the Pharma and in the Diagnostics divisions.

“We’re proud that Bas and Miro have chosen to join our Board of Directors,” said Daniele Scarinci, Chief Executive Officer at Tethis. “Their extensive experience in oncology molecular diagnostics in Europe and in US, ranging from clinical development to regulatory, commercial and reimbursement strategies, will be invaluable for Tethis’ next phases of development”.

“Liquid biopsy is the next big thing in oncology diagnostics,” noted Mr. van der Baan “and I believe Tethis’ platform is very well positioned to play an important role in this growing market. The way they are approaching the largely unaddressed issue of blood sample preparation is really unique and very well structured for future clinical applications. I’m thrilled to be part of this innovative project and to join Tethis’ talented team and I’m looking forward to give my contribution in bringing the platform to the market to improve the care for cancer patients”

“Oncology diagnostics is on the verge of a revolution” stated Mr. Venturi “that will likely play a key role in changing the outcomes of the disease. Tethis’ development is particularly exiting because it’s an enabling technology, one of those that can accelerate the clinical adoption of liquid biopsy testing, both for early detection of cancer and for personalized patient management. I’m delighted to be included in the Board of Directors and to have the possibility to put my experience in the diagnostic sector at the service of the team”.



Tethis S.p.A is based in Milan, Italy, and is developing a novel workflow to bring liquid biopsy in the clinical practice for the precise management of cancer. Tethis’ technology points to standardization of the blood sample preparation to provide the highest quality and integrity of liquid biopsy specimens for the comprehensive analysis of clinically informative biomarkers. The company’s proprietary nanocoated slides combined with the automated pre-analytical instrument allow to identify and characterize rare cells in blood, like circulating tumor cells, with unprecedented sensitivity, also in early stage settings.