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Tethis appoints Holger Neecke as the company’s Chief Executive Officer

MILANOct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tethis S.p.A, a developer of a novel platform for liquid biopsy testing, announces the appointment of Mr Holger Neecke as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Holger Neecke, Ph.D., MBA, is a molecular biologist with over 20 years of experience in the life sciences industry, specifically in pharma business development. He served as Head of the Technology Transfer Office at the AIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology (IFOM) in Milan and previously as Business Development Director at Adare Pharmaceuticals, Ablynx, and MolMed.

Holger’s appointment represents a planned step in the company’s development path towards a consolidated position as an established and leading player in the fast-growing liquid biopsy space. He takes over from Daniele Scarinci, who – as a representative of the main shareholder Genextra – has led the company in the last two years, reaching significant development milestones culminating with the recent launch of the See.d® platform.

“We couldn’t be happier about this appointment,” said Daniele Scarinci, who will continue to serve the company as Chairman of the Board, “Holger’s combination of strong scientific background and successful career in business development, together with his critical mindset and thorough leadership style, puts him in the ideal position to lead the internal development project while interacting with other industry players for potential partnerships”.

“Liquid Biopsy is revolutionizing cancer diagnostics” said Mr Neecke “and Tethis is uniquely positioned in this exciting market. I’ve immediately been fascinated by the breakthrough innovation behind the platform that – from the same blood draw – provides a full liquid biopsy sample including white blood and circulating tumor cells fixed on the SBS proprietary slides, as well as plasma for cell-free content analysis, all of this done in an automated and gentle way that perfectly preserves sample integrity. I could not be more excited to join such a talented team and lead Tethis as we make liquid biopsy widely available in clinical practice for the benefit of cancer patients.”

Within the same resolution, Mr Mario Zanone Poma has been nominated Honorary Chairman of the Company. The entire Board of Directors is grateful for his dedication over the years as investor, Board member, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company.


Tethis S.p.A is based in Milan, Italy, and is developing a novel workflow to bring liquid biopsy to clinical practice for the precise management of cancer. Tethis’ technology points to standardization of the blood sample preparation to provide the highest quality and integrity of liquid biopsy specimens for the comprehensive analysis of all clinically informative biomarkers. The company’s proprietary nanocoated slides combined with the automated pre-analytical instrument allow to identify and characterize rare cells in blood, like circulating tumor cells, with unprecedented sensitivity, also in early-stage settings.