The workflow

From slide production to whole blood processing up to single cell analysis.
All in one workflow.


Our proprietary pre-analytical platform ensures standardized, automated fresh sample preparation at the point of blood collection. SBS slides with a fixed monolayer of white blood cells for CTC identification and plasma for analysis of cell-free content are made available, with a walk-away protocol, by See.d.® No special tubes for blood collection, no specialized technicians, perfect sample integrity.

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Smart Bio Surface (SBS)

We internally produce functionalized glass slides with our proprietary nanomaterial deposition technology for unique biological features. SBS slides allow immediate, gentle and efficient adhesion of any living cell, enabling a total capture approach to liquid biopsy.


A complete analytical evaluation of morphological, proteomic and genetic features is possible at single cell level or on cell-free content. All the traditional biopsies’ techniques, such as cytology, immunocytochemistry, immunofluorescence, FISH and molecular analysis can be performed. Combination of AI-driven imaging analysis with advanced genetic sequencing on perfectly prepared samples allow maximum sensitivity and specificity of liquid biopsy tests in any clinical setting.